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CoD Extension Tool Infos

12.05.2022 [88.3% Done] Version 1.9


- Fixed 2 things on the Extension Tool.exe
- Overwrites the "Admin Panel" into RconTool (Now for every user)
- Added License (Ingame & Installer)
- Fixed the Binds Menu (When Click it opens searchplayer) now it opens the binds menu (RENAMED TO "PLAYERNAMES")
- CoD.ET Installer.exe is now in English (Every window)

Next Coming Update:
- RconTool

Thanks to Defected & Prawy, for Rape CoD1.1
Cant even toggleconsole with CFG or Menu files, cant even bind the toggleconsole CMD to any Key.
Instantly Game Crash. Thanks for nothing <3

Thanks to Cato, for Rape MiscMod.
Can't even Choose a Weapon when i have 6 Menu files in, Sad boy.
But man dear Cato, i found a way to bypass your shitty aids Bug.
You dont need to Fix your MiscMod, cuz of your Time... You are working 
everyday HARD.

Download Now:
Call of Duty Extension Tool v1.9

Best Regards,
Mambu [DEV]